PTA Facts

PTA Board Members are non-paid volunteers
Most of our Board Members are employed with full-time jobs. They volunteer their time to help raise money for the benefit of all Hamlin students and teachers.

Volunteer work can be done from home
Some work can be done from home and with the help of email, you can be a part of a committee without having to miss time from work

You do NOT have to attend all meeting to be involved

We can email you notes from the meetings so you know what is going on with PTA and you can choose how much time you can commit to a specific event.

LAUSD Budget Cuts are True
In fact, the government cut funding for PE Coaches, so Hamlin PTA committed $3,000 to keep Coach Nick here. We share him with another school, but we want more than just healthy minds, we want healthy bodies too.

PTA Fundraisers Benefit Everyone

All money raised by Hamlin PTA goes directly to enrichment activities for computers, music, arts & science. Hamlin PTA is also a sponsor of family activities and field trip busses.

Being involved in PTA makes your children proud
It lets them see first hand how working together as a group can benefit everyone around you. It also allows you to establish contact with other parents and share information about what is going on in class, at school and within the community.

Tony Moore, Vice President of Communications for the Fifth District PTA (San Bernardino County), is a father of three, and a full-time law enforcement officer. He said “I believer that it is every adult’s inherent responsibility to ensure that all children succeed. I know that my involvement today, no matter how big or small, ensures endless possibilities for millions of children tomorrow. “

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association and our primary focus is to positively impact the lives of all children and families by representing our members, and empowering and supporting them with skills in advocacy, leadership and communications.

All our children are the future. Please help make a difference!

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